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Dr. Vinod Sharma, Director, Head of Veterinary Services, DCC Animal Hospital shares his expert opinions on the matter.

Monsoons are here and it is the perfect season to spend some quality time with your pets outdoors. However, pet parents need to be careful with the health and hygiene of their furry babies as they are at risk of several skin infections and water-borne diseases etc in the rainy season.

Dr. Vinod Sharma focusses on keeping the fur of our pets dry in this season and also on nutrition which is a very neglected topic when it comes to correct information pet parents have.

There is a high amount of moisture in the atmosphere during the rainy season, making it imperative to keep your dog’s fur as dry as possible to combat its negative effects, and prevent any bacterial and fungal skin problems. Powders with antifungal properties can help prevent fungal infections on the paws and other areas. 

If your pooch is unable to get their long walks and fill of outdoor activities due to the persistent rains, fibre-rich fruits and vegetables will help with good digestion and regular bowel movements. Exercises performed indoors might make up for a lack of outside playtime. To prevent problems like obesity, the daily food intake for your dog must also be proportionate to the level of activity, Dr Vinod Sharma suggests.

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