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Join our group Would you like to help animals around us together?

We support our group hospitals to improve medical efficiency through technology as well as finance and build a stable management base. This way, we believe that veterinarians can spend more time on treatment and save as many lives as possible.

Our group has a large number of specialists from all over the world who agree with our vision. Our vision can only be realized by sharing aspirations with such colleagues. We look forward to hearing from those who can walk with us toward a future where we can live a rich and fulfilling life with pets.

Operating in multiple countries, Various professionals from different industries are gathering at A'alda regardless of race or nationality.
Global and challenging environment
A'alda promotes global business development without being tied to any region or country.
Prominent specialists from the US and Europe
Renowned medical specialists, such as DR. THERESA FOSSUM, support our business as advisors.
Team of IT professionals
We will promote digital transformation in the veterinary medicine and the pet industry by welcoming members who have proven strengths in technology in other industries.
We are looking forward to seeing you.
If you have any thoughts on animals
around you or worries about
the management of your hospital,
please feel free to talk to us.


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