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【Masa’s Blog】vol.4 Purpose of using technology (A’ALDA CEO Masamichi Okuda)

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We fully utilize technology to create new customer experiences.

When we operate an actual store like ours, the hospitality of the people who work there creates excitement.

On the other hand, it is also true that inconvenience and dissatisfaction occur at touch points other than the physical services provided by the people.


・Reservations cannot be made, only by phone.
・Long waiting time, even though you have an appointment.
・Long waiting time for payment
・Only cash is accepted, or there are few payment methods.
・Complicated procedures for pet insurance
・If you get a second opinion or go to another hospital, you will have to undergo the same inspections again.

At our DCC hospital in India, we are using technology to solve all of these points that impact customer satisfaction and convenience in veterinary hospitals.

Our goal is to create the best customer experience not through technology development and technical capabilities but by maximizing our understanding of our customers and veterinary hospital business.

At DCC, we can get an appointment online, pay on the app, and retrieve all our medical records through our app named “PET CONNECT.”

It is essential to create an environment where machines can do what they can, and humans can commit to creating a customer experience that only humans can provide.

The working environment in veterinary hospitals is impoverished and is often referred to as “3K labor. The term “3K labor” is derived from the first three letters of the words “K,” meaning “hard,” “dirty,” and “dangerous”(※It only adapts Japanese sentences). It is impossible for veterinary hospital employees to be happy and fulfilled in such an environment. It is not easy to fulfill others and their pets when you are not fulfilled.

I would like to fully use technology to improve the working environment. I believe that if the working environment for our employees improves, they will feel more relaxed and will be able to think seriously about what they can do for our customers and carry it out.

The goal of technology is not to improve operational efficiency, but to create an environment that provides value that only people can create.

To create the best customer experience, we will continue investing in and developing the technology.


・Pet to Partner – From member of family to member of society.


・To create the most innovative Animal Health Tech Company.


・Think As One, Treat As One.

Our ambition is to create a world
where human and pets live with each other,
help each other, love each other, and trust each other.
We strive to bring happiness to both human and pets with our truehearted passion and through the cutting-edge veterinary technology from all around the world.

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