23/06/23 Press Release
DCC Animal Hospital comes up with the first of its kind Veterinary Club Membership in India : DCC Club

DCC (Dogs Cats & Companions) Animal Hospital & Petcare, one of India’s leading multi-specialty state-of-the-art pet care chains, is thrilled to announce the launch of one of its kind plans for pet health and wellness, first of its kind in India market, the highly anticipated DCC Club Membership Programme.


This innovative initiative aims to enhance the pet ownership experience by providing comprehensive and affordable healthcare services for beloved animals. What’s new about an offering like this in Veterinary is that it enables limitless consultations with the vet, reducing dependency of pet parents on unconfirmed sources of information on how to bring up their pets and cater to daily needs to ensure a healthier tomorrow.

Of late, the pet industry is seeing growth in the Indian market with statistics indicating an upward trend where pets are equivalent of children in the family taking up emotional space in the heart of their owners, families turning pet focussed and their health becoming priority and therefor wellness and correct guidance becoming extremely important in that regard.

It is forecasted that the number of pet dogs will reach over 31 million by 2023 end(India).
It is forecasted that the number of pet cats will reach over 2.4 million by 2023 end(India).

DCC Animal Hospital is a global chain of Veterinary hospitals spread across Asia and stays ahead be it needs gaps or better lifestyles for pets. Their global knowledge, global resources/vets and insights are bringing about a change in how the relationship between a pet and pet owner can be, making it a better world for pets tomorrow. Increasing focus on prevention is seen to manage better health and better life spans for our furry ones.

Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and a host of experienced veteran veterinarians, DCC animal hospital offers a wide range of grooming and medical health services for pets, including diagnostic and therapeutic services. With the new Animal Hospital Membership Plans, DCC is revolutionizing the way pet owners can ensure the well-being of their furry companions, offering a range of exclusive benefits and unparalleled convenience. Not only do they help pet owners save money, stay connected to the vet but also a bundle of add-ons in terms of discounts and added pet care advantages as they enjoy benefits of the membership. DCC Club is here to re-define Veterinary and Pet Care.

Key Features of DCC Club Membership:

1. Limitless Consultations: Providing access to the vet which is easy and not limited by each time consultation charge, which could be a deterrent for come and forcing pet owners on data available on hearsay or the internet which can’t be a good source cause each pet is unique and so are their health needs, tweaking lifestyles and managing elements of nutrition, travelling with a pet, being pup ready and so on can be best done with guidance of an expert only and DCC knows that. They partner with you and be it in person or telehealth, under this membership, they are there for you no matter if the concern is large or small or merely a worry about your pet that’s keeping you tense.

2. Comprehensive Medical & Petcare Services: Members can enjoy a comprehensive range of medical services for their pets in addition to consultations: discounted diagnostic tests & laboratory services, discounted grooming for your pet and day care services, not just that also discounts of pharmacy. DCC’s highly skilled veterinary professionals are committed to delivering the highest standard of care and ensuring the well-being of every animal, coming closer to their lives and making it better and a delight for people to have more pets and bring them up in a manner which is nothing but the best.

3. Exclusive Benefits: Members of DCC Club can avail concierge services for any support they need and messaging access during working hours, because you may be at work and worried about your pet’s appointments, message us and our staff will ease it for you! Pets are a priority, aren’t they! We hear you!

4. Digital Coupons for complimentary services: Yes, complimentary services/coupons depending on the plan you purchase, a delightful bunch that is relevant and help you in upkeep of your pet’s hygiene and relaxation.

Love for pets is a simple concept, so are the plans at DCC Club!

Dr. Vinod Sharma, Head of Veterinary services at DCC Animal hospital commented that “We are committed to continually improving the well-being of pets and strengthening the bond between humans and animals. By launching DCC Club Membership, we are taking a significant step towards fulfilling this mission that we have set out to achieve globally. We think as one, treat as one and therefore just how wellness in humans defines how your health is likely to be tomorrow, pets are no different. We invite all pet owners in Delhi NCR to join us in this exciting endeavor and experience the exceptional care and benefits that our membership programme provides. Reach out to us! Limitless Consultations, Limitless health for your pet!”


For more information about DCC Club Membership and to become a member download DCC PetConnect app (available on iOS and Android play store) and treat your furry babies with the best health. The vet is yours, because you deserve the best!

Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of DCC


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