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【Masa’s Blog】vol.16 Paradigm shift in values (A’ALDA CEO Masamichi Okuda)

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Today I will talk about a paradigm shift in values.

The following is a rough summary of the paradigm shift.

In the past = people tend to have the material desire.
After the Industrial Revolution, goods were mass-produced, and people became economically affluent.

Present = People prefer experience to material goods.
People’s lives have become more convenient and comfortable through the creation of user experiences.

Future = People prefer the sympathetic story to just the convenience.
Both service providers and consumers will be in a new value-added era in which people share a sense of purpose in life and a sense of sensitivity.

In my parents’ generation, consumer behavior was stimulated by greed. They wanted to drive luxury cars, wear good brands, etc. In today’s society, “convenience” drives consumer behavior. Amazon’s same-day and next-day delivery is a typical example.

In the future, I think we will see a society where everybody pursues true “happiness” or “empathy. What is true happiness? It is not a matter of material things or mere convenience, but rather a matter of feeling empathy for one’s own lifestyle and purpose in life.

In this respect, the pet industry, which we are involved in, has a part of dark side that involves stray dogs or something, but fundamentally, the relationship between people and pets is full of happiness and love. I think it is one of the industries that are in the middle of the values of the future. Because of this, I think it is necessary to contribute to society responsibly.

There are many forms of social contribution, but we will do our best to make the lives of as many people and as many pets as possible happy through our business.


・Pet to Partner – From member of family to member of society.


・To create the most innovative Animal Health Tech Company.


・Think As One, Treat As One.

Our ambition is to create a world
where human and pets live with each other,
help each other, love each other, and trust each other.
We strive to bring happiness to both human and pets with our truehearted passion and through the cutting-edge veterinary technology from all around the world.


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