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【Masa’s Blog】vol.22 Integrity – Our Value (A’ALDA CEO Masamichi Okuda)

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Today I would like to give you a detailed explanation of one of our values. It’s Integrity. In past blogs, I have described integrity as follows.

Integrity, as I see it, is “Having your own beliefs and not behaving in a way that would bend your beliefs even if no one is watching.” A common misconception is that acting friendly to everyone to avoid causing waves is not integrity. The most important thing is to be sincere with yourself.

If you dig deep into that being sincere with yourself, you will find that.
“You will do what you have to do” is what it comes down to.
There are very few things we should do that are particularly difficult. Everyone “knows” and “knows how to do it” but just “doesn’t (can’t) do it”.
As this article says, there is a common analogy: “If there are 10,000 people who want to do something, only 1% of them, 100 people, will take up the challenge. And out of those 100 who take on the challenge, only 1% of them will be able to continue.” It is said that there is a quote (data) that says, “If you have 10,000 people who have hope, only 1% of them will take up the challenge.

※Source: 継続するだけで道はひらける(Japanese Only)

“I have the will to finish the job “
This value symbolizes “integrity” in doing the job.
There isn’t much difference in talent among people. In the world of sports, there are rare extraordinary geniuses, but in the world of business, there isn’t as significant a difference in talent as there is in the world of sports. What is essential is to have the will and do what needs to do.
For example, keep doing the following obvious things. The sentences may seem obvious, but perhaps only some people can do all of them.

Do not lie.
A person with integrity does not lie. They do not lie to themselves or to others.
It is especially dishonest to lie for one’s self-preservation, not considering the other person.

Do not think of things in terms of self-interest.
Do not let personal feelings or self-interest get in the way of making decisions.
It isn’t very ethical to choose options B or C to enhance one’s achievements or protect one’s career, even though option A is the best option for the company and the world.

Always be ambitious.
People who are sincere about their roles and responsibilities always strive to improve.
Are you growing more than you did yesterday? We can all grow if we are constantly improving. If you continue to grow, you will be about to achieve what you want to do. Working with ambition is a very sincere action.

It is obvious, but it is very important to be punctual.Time is finite in our lives; every minute, every second, is an accumulation.
In particular, we can not work alone. There are always colleagues and customers. Not being punctual with our colleagues and customers is dishonest behavior.

We are responsible for everything to the end.
In work, whether the final result is good or bad is, of course, important.
However, it is crucial to have the will and the sense of responsibility to carry through to the end, even if things don’t go well.
It is a sincere action to work with a strong will to absolutely succeed, rather than giving up after only one try.

It is not enough to follow only the above five points. Many other things should be taken for granted.
There are many things that we notice in our daily lives. We have to work through the small things that we take for granted. The accumulation of such actions will directly lead to sincere actions.
I will act with a renewed awareness of “Doing what I have to do.”


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