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【Masa’s Blog】vol.28 The Problem Behaviors of Dogs Are Entirely the Responsibility of the Owners (A’ALDA CEO Masamichi Okuda)

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Just like us humans, each dog has its unique personality. The adorable behavior of a pet dog can warm your heart, and at times, its troublesome behavior can cause distress. However, all the problem behaviors of dogs are actually the responsibility of their owners.

When we can see our pet’s numerous problematic behaviors, it indicates that the dog lacks appropriate guidance or understanding from the owner. Dogs, by nature, are social animals striving to adapt as a part of a group. Therefore, as owners, we are expected to demonstrate correct behavior as their leaders.

For instance, some dogs may be eliminated anywhere around the house without proper toilet training. This is not the dog’s fault but rather the owner’s responsibility, who must teach the dog to eliminate it in the correct place.

Similarly, if a dog barks excessively, it might indicate that the dog is bored or has learned to bark to attract attention. In this case, the owner must provide fair play and exercise and teach the dog that barking doesn’t earn it any attention.

Of course, there may be some problem behaviors resulting from particular circumstances or the dog’s health problems. However, even in such cases, recognizing the problem with the dog and taking appropriate measures is the owner’s role.

It is essential to love your dog like our family. However, dogs are dogs. Cats are cats. They are beloved pets, but we cannot make them humans. You need to understand your dog and behave appropriately. Imposing human values on a dog without understanding it can make your beloved pet unhappy.

In conclusion, viewing the problem behaviors exhibited by dogs as the owner’s responsibility provides an opportunity to address them with love and care. As owners, we are expected to model correct behavior and provide appropriate training and care. As a result, building a beautiful relationship between owner and dog is possible based on trust and understanding.




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