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【Masa’s Blog】vol.13 Step up to the plate (A’ALDA CEO Masamichi Okuda)

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I have many opportunities to meet economically and socially successful people in Japan and abroad, and I think they all somehow have one thing in common: they are taking on challenges.

As the title says, they always step up to the plate.

Simply walking up to the box is not enough. If you try just to hit the ball, I think you will get only limited learning. Take a full swing without fear of striking out. I believe that everybody is afraid of making mistakes. Especially in Japan, many communities have a strong culture of a point-off system.

However, I believe that we couldn’t be a success without failure. I think we can organize success into the following equation.

[Success = number of attempts x success rate]

Many Japanese people think that to be successful, they need to increase their success rate. Most of us do not want to fail and feel embarrassed. However, in a world of rapid change and uncertainty, does it make sense to prepare until perfection?

Of course, it is essential to think in advance and have a hypothesis. It isn’t significant to step into the box without any idea or goal. However, I believe that the place to prove a hypothesis is in the field, not on the desk.

We at A’ALDA are also challenging ourselves day in and day out to bring about change in the pet industry. All of us will always step into the plate to create a new wind in the pet industry.

I have previously given a talk on the theme of “How to get results even with no experience” at NEWSPICKS.

2度の転職→インドで動物病院を開業「未経験でも結果を出す」仕事術(Only Japanese)


・Pet to Partner – From member of family to member of society.


・To create the most innovative Animal Health Tech Company.


・Think As One, Treat As One.

Our ambition is to create a world
where human and pets live with each other,
help each other, love each other, and trust each other.
We strive to bring happiness to both human and pets with our truehearted passion and through the cutting-edge veterinary technology from all around the world.

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