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【Masa’s Blog】vol.18 Make the impossible possible (A’ALDA CEO Masamichi Okuda)

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Today, I’d like to write about the mindset to make the impossible possible.

The venture business is about making the impossible possible and turning it into a business. If you have a negative reaction when you see the words “make the impossible possible,” you are definitely not suited for a venture business. However, making the impossible possible is not an easy thing. There is no correct answer. So it’s worth challenging the venture business.

In taking on such challenges, all team members must have entrepreneurship. The definition of entrepreneurship that I personally find most fitting is the one given by Professor Stevenson of Harvard Business School: “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunities that transcend controllable resources.

Many Japanese are relatively good at “improving,”. Therefore, many of them think in terms of improvement from the status quo. They are often in the habit of repeatedly making improvements using the status quo and controllable resources. This is the way of effective use of controllable resources. However, the best way is to think backward from the goal.

We first clarify the ideal and best goal we are aiming for. Then we think about what we need to do and what we need to have to achieve that goal. At this point, we ignore the resources we have on hand. If it is necessary to procure resources from outside (often the case), we commit to securing them. We must abandon the thought of making the most effective use of our resources and transcend the controllable resources to pursue opportunities.

Entrepreneurship is not a skill/mind that is exclusive to entrepreneurs. All of us should have a skill/mind in common.


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