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【Masa’s Blog】vol.20 My Way (A’ALDA CEO Masamichi Okuda)

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Today, I would like to share an essential concept in my life.

In conclusion, “Self-possessed.” Life has its ups and downs. Life is full of ups and downs. It is better not to be in a panic over the immediate outcome. It is usual for many things to happen in life. It is important to keep your faith in yourself rather than be happy or sad about them.

I have decided that no matter how busy A’alda gets in the process of growing up, or maybe even if things don’t go as I planned along the way, I will never give up on “I am always making the best of my lifestyle with my pets without compromise “. The realization of the best pet life is also the expression of our purpose, “Pet to Partner.”

There is no single correct answer to the best pet life. In my case, I like to play sports with my dogs, participate in events, and go camping, and it is very fulfilling. In addition to those activities, my dogs and I are also filled with a sense of well-being when we are inside the house or at the park playing with tugs and balls.

The loving smiles my pets show me, creating these moments is my life’s work.


・Pet to Partner – From member of family to member of society.


・To create the most innovative Animal Health Tech Company.


・Think As One, Treat As One.

Our ambition is to create a world
where human and pets live with each other,
help each other, love each other, and trust each other.
We strive to bring happiness to both human and pets with our truehearted passion and through the cutting-edge veterinary technology from all around the world.


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